Commit f6a7a2c7 authored by Christoph Häfner's avatar Christoph Häfner

Use sshfs mount option "nonempty"

so that the command still works despite the gitkeep file making the
folder non-empty
parent 868e8f8b
echo "Mounting share/bilder"
mkdir -p ./bilder
sshfs -o reconnect -o compression=yes hugo:/home/share/bilder/ bilder/
sshfs -o reconnect -o nonempty -o compression=yes hugo:/home/share/bilder/ bilder/
echo "Mounting christoph/Archiv"
mkdir -p ./archiv
sshfs -o reconnect -o compression=yes hugo:/home/christoph/Archiv/ archiv/
sshfs -o reconnect -o nonempty -o compression=yes hugo:/home/christoph/Archiv/ archiv/
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