Commit 27b25ded authored by Christoph Häfner's avatar Christoph Häfner

Update gaming activator

parent c46de15a
......@@ -12,21 +12,19 @@ m_header "Install Gaming Environment"
m_header "Install TS3"
cd /opt/
sudo wget
sudo chmod +x
sudo ./
sudo wget
sudo chmod +x
sudo ./
sudo mv TeamSpeak3-Client-linux_amd64/ ts3/
sudo chown -R christoph:christoph ts3/
sudo chmod -R 775 ts3/
sudo rm
sudo rm
cd ~/bin/
ln -s /opt/ts3/ ts3
m_success "Installed TS3 Client"
m_header "Install Steam"
cd /tmp
sudo dpkg -i ./steam_latest.deb
sudo apt-get install steam
m_success "Installed Steam client"
m_success "Successfully installed Gaming Environment"
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