Commit bb85c9cc authored by Christoph Häfner's avatar Christoph Häfner

Add remove-string-spaces

parent 659dbb85
fn no_space(x : String) -> String{
x.replace(" ", "")
fn no_space(x : String) -> String{
x.chars().filter(|x| x != &' ').collect()
fn returns_expected() {
assert_eq!("8j8mBliB8gimjB8B8jlB", no_space("8 j 8 mBliB8g imjB8B8 jl B".to_string()));
assert_eq!("88Bifk8hB8BB8BBBB888chl8BhBfd", no_space("8 8 Bi fk8h B 8 BB8B B B B888 c hl8 BhB fd".to_string()));
assert_eq!("8aaaaaddddr", no_space("8aaaaa dddd r ".to_string()));
assert_eq!("jfBmgklf8hg88lbe8", no_space("jfBm gk lf8hg 88lbe8 ".to_string()));
assert_eq!("8jaam", no_space("8j aam".to_string()));
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